Hello There!

My name is Jonathan M. Pham.

Welcome to my personal self discovery blog – where you may get better in touch with your true self & be equipped to live a more fulfilling life.

Self discovery

A Journey of 1000 Miles Begins With a Single Step

And I am here to take that step with you!

(Quote credit: Lao Tzu)

How Does It
All Start?

Since my teenage years, I have started questioning myself about various aspects of life – including what I am meant to do, what brings real happiness and fulfillment, and what kind of choices I should make – given the various paths I can tread.

Over time, as I grew older, I eventually came up with the idea of creating this blog – with the purpose of sharing my life stories and insights (I hope so) that I have managed to come up with throughout my personal journey.

Let’s Learn Together

Just like you, I’m still in the process of discovering my true self – we can together strive to become a better “us” tomorrow!

Within my blog, you can expect to discover a variety of self-discovery topics (I hope you will be interested in them).

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self discovery
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Self Discovery Articles

Let’s Tread the Path
Together, Shall We?