April 2024

April 2024
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This is it – the 2nd quarter of 2024! I have a strong belief that this quarter will mark a significant turning point in my trajectory forward. It’s all up to me now – I have to act fast. At the same time, let’s keep noting things down – so that I don’t lose track of things (and so that I can remind myself of everything I have been through, and what I’ve been heading for).

Apr 1-7

The blog is almost complete in terms of structure. Up to now, there are a few more sub-categories that need to be filled in. Let’s just do my best to finish them as soon as possible – so that I can have time to focus on more critical things coming up!

Sometimes I really hope that I have someone to help with localizing my content into the other two language versions. Working on a three-language site is just ridiculous – but I guess there’s a reason for me to keep up the work. All things are difficult before they are easy, I guess.

Anw, tonight I felt pretty exhausted after working (and teaching and studying) continuously for the last three days. I knew it was time for a break, so I went out for a walk (after a really long time). You know, I don’t like physical exercises – but I am smart enough to understand the consequences of loafing around.

Now I am feeling invigorated again! Let’s just note a few things down – and have a cup of coconut water as a reward!

Time for some rest before another long day, I guess. See you!


(09:40 PM GMT+7 – Apr 4, 2024)

April 8-14

Another week has begun. I feel that recently I have been pushing myself too hard. Guess that it’s time to re-attain the balance. Shikata ga nai.

Have been neglecting the part-time job, Japanese, and teaching for a little bit – let’s forget the blog for a while to focus on them before getting back!

Hope that this week will be fruitful and go in a way that doesn’t make me upset at the end then.

You too, I wish you the best of luck for the rest of the week!

See you!


(07:55 AM GMT+7 – Apr 8, 2024)

Apr 29-30

I never thought that the last 2 weeks would have been so troublesome. Somehow, the site encountered a critical error – and I could not ask any of my developer friends to help me resolve it.

Shikata ga nai, I think. Shikata ga nai, I repeat to myself. Tough up!

Anw, I had to resort to an extreme way to restore the site’s data. Now it’s back to normal again – but I guess moving forward, let’s always have a regular backup plan to prevent the same thing from ever happening/ causing trouble again.

Let’s Tread the Path Together, Shall We?

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