Empowerment through Inquiry: 30 Growth Mindset Questions for Everyone

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This article goes over a list of thought-provoking growth mindset questions designed to empower personal & professional development – no matter who you are!

Discover a list of growth mindset questions meticulously crafted to stimulate reflection, foster growth, and inspire action in all facets of life. Whether you are a leader, an employee, or a parent/ teacher looking for ideas to inspire others, we’ve got everything covered here!


  • A growth mindset is the belief that your intelligence and abilities can be developed through effort and learning. Those with this attitude are more likely to see challenges as opportunities – and to persevere and try again in the face of adversity.
  • To foster this frame of mind, consider asking yourself/ others questions that prompt you to reflect on your efforts, challenges, and learnings from difficult situations.

Growth Mindset Questions for Self-reflection

Designed to help people reflect on their own mindset and identify areas for growth and development.

  1. What challenges have I faced recently, and how did I approach them?

Reflect on specific situations, not just general difficulties. Did you approach them proactively, seeking solutions, or passively, feeling defeated? Were you open to trying new things, or did you stick to what’s familiar?

  1. How do I typically react to failure or setbacks?

Do you see them as personal shortcomings or opportunities to learn and improve? Do you dwell on them, or do you use them as motivation to try again? What self-talk do you use during these times?

  1. What are some skills or abilities I would like to improve, and what steps can I take to achieve that improvement?

Be specific about the skills and set attainable goals. What resources can you utilize for learning, like courses, mentors, or practice? Do you have a clear plan for practicing and tracking your progress?

  1. Am I open to receiving feedback, and how do I incorporate it into my growth journey?

Do you see feedback as criticism or valuable information for improvement? How can you be more receptive to feedback, even if it”s challenging to hear? How do you analyze and integrate the feedback into your strategies?

  1. How do I view obstacles – as barriers or opportunities for learning and growth?

Do you see them as insurmountable roadblocks or as opportunities to develop resilience, problem-solving skills, and perseverance? Do you focus on finding solutions and learning from the experience, or do you give up easily?

Growth Mindset Questions for Adults

Tailored for adults to encourage them to adopt a growth mindset in various aspects of their lives, including personal and professional growth.

  1. How do I prioritize learning and development in my personal and professional life?

Have you been dedicating time and resources to learning new skills or revisiting existing ones? Do you set aside time for personal growth activities, like reading, taking courses, or attending workshops? Do you seek opportunities for professional development at work, through conferences or training programs?

  1. In what ways do I challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone?

Do you set personal challenges or goals that push you beyond your comfort zone? Do you embrace new experiences, even if they are unfamiliar or potentially daunting? How do you overcome the initial fear or resistance to trying something new?

  1. How do I handle changes and uncertainties in my life?

Do you see them as disruptions or opportunities for growth and adaptation? Do you have strategies for dealing with the emotional and practical aspects of change and uncertainty? How do you remain flexible and open-minded during these times?

  1. What strategies do I use to overcome self-doubt and pursue my goals?

Would you acknowledge self-doubt and negative thoughts, or would you attempt to ignore them? What strategies do you use to challenge negative self-talk and maintain a positive and growth-oriented mindset? How do you maintain motivation and persevere toward your goals despite setbacks or challenges?

  1. How do I actively seek out new experiences and opportunities for growth?

Are you actively searching for new experiences that can challenge you and broaden your horizons? Do you network with people from diverse backgrounds and explore different perspectives? Are you open to exploring new hobbies, activities, or learning opportunities beyond your usual routine?

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Growth Mindset Questions for Employees

Encouraging us to embrace challenges and continuously develop personal skills in the workplace.

  1. How do I approach learning new tasks or skills at work?

Do you see new tasks as challenges to embrace or obstacles to overcome? When learning new things, do you actively seek clarification or additional resources? How do you approach mistakes made while learning new skills?

  1. What strategies do I use to bounce back from setbacks or criticism at work?

How do you manage your emotions after experiencing setbacks or receiving criticism? What steps do you take to learn from the experience and move forward?

  1. How do I contribute to a culture of learning and innovation within my team or organization?

Have you been sharing your knowledge and expertise with others? Do you actively participate in knowledge-sharing sessions or mentoring programs? Do you encourage and support others in their learning endeavors? How do you suggest new ideas and contribute to brainstorming sessions?

  1. How do I seek out opportunities for professional development and advancement?

Do you proactively discuss your career goals with your manager? Do you research and express interest in relevant training programs, conferences, or workshops? Are you actively looking for new challenges and responsibilities within your organization to expand your skillset?

  1. In what ways do I collaborate with others to leverage collective knowledge and expertise?

Do you actively listen to and learn from colleagues with different backgrounds and experiences? Do you seek out diverse perspectives when approaching problems or tasks? How can you effectively communicate your ideas and collaborate with others to achieve shared goals?

Growth Mindset Questions for Leaders

Curated for leaders to reflect on their leadership style and cultivate a growth mindset within themselves and their teams.

  1. How do I encourage a culture of experimentation and learning within my team or organization?

Do you create a safe space for team members to try new things, even if they may fail? Do you provide resources and support for experimentation, such as budget allocation or dedicated time for exploration? How do you celebrate successes and learnings from attempts, even if the desired outcome wasn’t achieved?

  1. How do I demonstrate resilience and adaptability in the face of challenges?

Do you remain calm and composed when faced with unexpected obstacles? Do you communicate the challenges transparently to your team and actively seek solutions together? How do you adapt your strategies and approach when faced with changing circumstances?

  1. In what ways do I provide constructive feedback that fosters growth and development among my team members?

Do you focus on the behavior, not the person, and emphasize specific areas for improvement? Do you offer suggestions and provide resources to help them learn and grow from the feedback? Do you create a dialogue where team members feel comfortable asking questions and seeking clarification?

  1. How do I empower and support my team to take ownership of their professional growth?

Do you encourage them to set individual goals and create development plans? Do you provide opportunities for them to learn new skills and take on additional responsibilities? How do you recognize and reward their efforts to learn and grow?

  1. How do I model a growth mindset through my own actions and attitudes as a leader?

Do you openly share your own learning experiences and setbacks? Do you demonstrate a willingness to try new things and step outside your comfort zone? How do you show enthusiasm for learning and personal growth, not just for your team members but also for yourself?

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Growth mindset questions to ask

Discussion Questions About Growth Mindset

Intended for group discussions or workshops to explore the concept of growth mindset and its implications in various contexts.

  1. How do you define a growth mindset, and why is it important?

Encourage discussion around the core belief that intelligence and abilities can be developed through effort, learning, and perseverance. Explore how this mindset can lead to increased motivation, resilience, and achievement in various aspects of life.

  1. Can you share a personal experience where adopting a growth mindset led to significant personal or professional growth?

This allows people to connect with the concept on a personal level by sharing their own stories. Let them describe the challenges they faced, how they shifted their mindset, and the positive outcomes they experienced.

  1. What are some common misconceptions or barriers to embracing a growth mindset?

Discuss common misconceptions like associating intelligence with fixed traits or fearing failure. Explore barriers like societal pressure to be perfect or the fear of stepping outside one’s comfort zone.

  1. How can organizations cultivate a culture that promotes and rewards a growth mindset?

Encourage brainstorming on strategies like providing opportunities for learning and development, celebrating effort and progress, and fostering open communication and feedback.

  1. What role does resilience play in maintaining a growth mindset, especially during times of adversity?

Discuss how resilience allows individuals to bounce back from setbacks, persist through challenges, and maintain a positive outlook even in difficult situations. Explore strategies for building resilience like mindfulness, self-compassion, and seeking support from others.

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Growth Mindset Questions to Ask Kids

Crafted to help children develop a growth mindset by encouraging them to embrace challenges, learn from failures, and persist in their efforts.

  1. How do you feel when facing a difficult task or problem?

Encourage them to identify their emotions (e.g., frustrated, scared, excited). Discuss healthy ways to manage these emotions and approach the task with a positive attitude.

  1. Can you share a time when you struggled with something but kept trying until you succeeded?

This helps them focus on past experiences where perseverance led to success. Discuss what they learned from the experience and how they can apply that knowledge to future challenges.

  1. What do you think you can do to get better at [a particular skill or subject]?

Replace “[a particular skill or subject]” with something specific, relevant to the child’s current learning. This encourages them to take ownership of their learning and develop plans for improvement.

  1. How do you handle mistakes or failures?

Help them understand that mistakes are natural learning opportunities. Discuss strategies for learning from mistakes, such as reflecting on what went wrong and trying again with a different approach.

  1. What can you do when you feel like giving up on something challenging?

Develop coping mechanisms for dealing with frustration and the urge to quit. This could involve taking breaks, seeking help from others, or reminding themselves of their past successes.

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Final Thoughts

As we journey through life, we discover that every challenge is an opportunity for improvement, every setback is a stepping stone to success, and every experience is a lesson in resilience. By embracing the power of inquiry and self-reflection, we empower ourselves to break free from limiting beliefs, unleash our potential, and create a future filled with possibilities. May these growth mindset questions serve as beacons of inspiration on your path toward a life of achievement and fulfillment!

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