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Ok, March has come – which means another quarter is about to pass. Let’s just note down my own journey up until this point.

March 1-3

Have been a little occupied lately. I hope that things currently on the agenda will be cleared in the first half of next week – so that I have more time to focus on resuming my teaching path.

Btw, this Friday, I happened to stumble upon this post on LinkedIn while taking a break in my Japanese class. Now that’s pretty motivating!

linkedin post


(08:40 PM GMT+7 – March 3, 2024)

March 4-10

Still a little bit busy for the past two days. I guess it’s just what you have to go through when you are in a transition phase (and trying to figure out what’s the best path to tread – without straying away from the main trajectory).

That said, the blog is getting better – with all main categories (not including the Resources section) already having at least one piece of content (in English though – still have to work on localizing them into the other two language versions).

This morning, my Japanese class’ teacher got me a registration document for the upcoming July JLPT test. The clock is ticking – it’s only more than 3 months before I have to re-experience the test again (this time at a higher, much more challenging level). Guess that it’s time for me to start getting serious (and not loafing around any longer).

Tomorrow, I have a scheduled catchup with a previous colleague (who also happens to be a mentor I have great respect for). He has a project that I can contribute to within 1 month. I hope it will not mess up my schedule much (after all, it’s been a really long time since I last met up with someone – hope that it will be a good substitute for the supposed-to-have-happen meeting that was cruelly denied by the friend I mentioned in the February journaling).

Anyway, I guess this should be enough for today. I still have work to get back to. See you!


(09:10 PM GMT+7 – March 5, 2024)

Just met up with my mentor this morning. Has been a while since I last caught up with someone I considered a friend.

Also, just finished the first article of the Book review section here. May have to improve the language used & writing style – but still, it’s another milestone in the development of the blog (which kind of makes me happy).

Anw, let’s get back to work – to the project that my mentor had asked me to help with.

See you!


(02:45 PM GMT+7 – March 6, 2024)

I shouldn’t have stayed up this late – just finished revising the Kanji lesson last week (so as to prepare for tomorrow’s test) and completed the Reading (or dokkai) homework.

Also, I just checked the Spam section of my email – and found out an email with the title “I have available below high authority sites permanent doffolow post”. I think to myself, really? When will people stop sending spam emails to sell “artificial” stuffs like that?

If you want to sell something (in this case, links), you should try a more creative approach – rather than doing it in such a disrespectful way.

Anw, I’m a little exhausted now – so let’s get some sleep before tomorrow’s class!


(23:55 PM GMT+7 – March 7, 2024)

March 11-17

It has been a long time since the last time I journaled. Have been a little busy so far this month (and my initial plan has kind of derailed)

That said, I believe I’m still in control.

Another milestone in the creation of this blog – after a lot of struggle and reflection, I have finally finished the first article of the Movie review section. I thought I would never be able to make it – but thankfully, I did (still have to localize it into the other two language versions though)!

Anyway, let’s have a little rest. It’s weekend time already!

See you!


(15:00 PM GMT+7 – March 16, 2024)

March 18-24

Another busy week has passed. Haven’t had much time to journal this week.

That said, today marks another milestone of this blog’s development – with all major categories already covered in 3 language versions. Way to go!

I have something to finish tomorrow for my friend anyway. And next Tuesday, we have a Japanese test to finish my Junbi course. Only 3 months left before the real exam – guess that I have to have a learning plan soon.

Anyway, I need to have a hair cut now, so see you!

Happy weekend!


(19:10 PM GMT+7 – March 24, 2024)

Mar 25-31

Today is Easter Sunday – and also the last day of March (and of the first quarter of 2024). What have I achieved so far?

Things have been a little bit chaotic, but I’m relieved that they are starting to come together.

Moving forward, I’ll be free in the morning & afternoon of the whole week (after finishing my Junbi Japanese class) – so more time for the blog I guess.

Anw, I will need to divide my time between blogging, my part-time job, teaching, preparing for the July JLPT test, and researching information for my future path.

Let’s hope the upcoming quarter will be a turning point in my life trajectory. A true resurrection.

Happy Easter my friends!


(08:55 AM GMT+7 – March 31, 2024)

Let’s Tread the Path Together, Shall We?

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